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Eighty per cent of people who think about or attempt suicide have sent out a warning sign to those around them , however, few will make a direct request for help to deal with their suicidal thoughts.

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Story 160

When I was 15 I attempted suicide for the first time and within a year and a half I attempted suicide 3 times. After my third attempt I told my friend that I had attempted the night before, and then she went to the school counselor and told him. The next thing I know, I got called down to his office. After talking with him I was so mad at my friend, because I knew it had to be her that told him, because she was the first person I ever told that I had ever attempted suicide. Well, with her being my best friend in the entire world, I forgave her. That day after school, on our walk home we decided to go the long way to give us more of a chance to talk. I then realized that all she wanted to do was to help me, she did not have any intentions of getting me mad at her or anything. So I went from feeling like no one would care if I died to knowing that my best friend in the world, cares about me more than I could have even imagined, and that she said she would be there for me if I ever needed someone to talk to. Just that feeling of someone being there for me no matter what, was a great relief. Before I had ever attempted suicide, I had been sexually assaulted, and I just felt that if anyone really cared about me then I would have never been assaulted.  Later I realized that they were just being immature and that there was nothing that I could have done differently that could have prevented it. After my last suicide attempt, I got more involved in my church's youth group, and my relationship with God got a lot stronger and it gave me the extra boost to go on living my life that nothing else or anyone could have done. My reasoning to keep on living was that God put me on this Earth for a purpose, and that I should not take my life.  I feel that when I have completed my purpose here on Earth, God will call me home to be with him, and that I shouldn't rush things, to make a permanent end to just a temporary problem.

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