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Ninety per cent of people who engage in suicide-related behaviours are experiencing depression, other mental health issues, or have an addiction.

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Story 171

Seven years ago I swallowed a bottle of pills in front of my 15-year-old daughter and husband. It had been during an extreme argument with my daughter with her saying she should just kill herself.

I had for years been depressed and had thought of suicide on a daily basis. This was the moment I snapped. In my mind I could think of no other way to get through to her than to dump the bottle full of pills into my hand, take a glass of water, and say "You want to kill yourself? This is how it's done!"
Then I swallowed the pills in front of them.

Then I told them if they wanted to save me to take me to the hospital.

The next day I woke up in a hospital bed. My husband, daughter and younger daughter were by my bed.
Honestly, I was disappointed to wake up. But, then I saw how scared and hurt they were. Then I was sorry for what I had done to them.

Since then I have thought of suicide but know that that it is tragic for the family and is a hurt that can never be undone.

Today I live with the thought that I am here for a reason and when it is God's time to take me then I will go. I do believe living is harder than dying. I do believe I was born for a purpose and when that is accomplished I will be released.

Until then I try to remind myself of how I am blessed and try to appreciate the wonders of the world and the people in it.

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