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Suicide crosses all cultural, economic and social boundaries. Many people who die by suicide appeared to be functioning well prior to their death. It can happen to anyone.

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About the Project

We are doing this research project, The Reasons to go on Living Project, to understand how people’s thinking changes after a suicide attempt. We do not understand the thinking processes that occur for people who choose to go on living after an attempt and there is very little research in this area. We believe that if we had a better understanding of how people found the strength to go living after an attempt, we might be able to better help people who are thinking of ending their lives, before they make an attempt.

There are two purposes for The Reasons to go on Living Project. One is to collect stories from people who have made a suicide attempt and now want to go on living. Stories offer a wonderful opportunity to learn about people’s experiences, especially when trying to understand life events that are not well understood. The stories will be read and analyzed by researchers to learn and come to a better understanding of how people find their personal reasons to go on living.

The second purpose is educational. Some stories will be shared through this website and what is learned from the analysis will be posted online and published in medical journals.

The Reasons to go on Living Project is supported by a 2008 AFP Psychiatry Associates Research and Educational Development Infrastructure Grant, McMaster University, Hamilton, Ontario. The Project has been approved by the Research Ethics Board at St. Joseph’s Healthcare, Hamilton, Ontario.